This may not apply to all of you, but I have talked to enough people about this topic that I know it is still affecting people.  We are somewhat paralyzed by fear of catching the bug or giving it to a loved one.  So, some of us are going through various rituals to keep us safe.  I have heard people tell me that they leave delivered packages outside for a few days, then sanitize everything.  I have some family members on the front lines who are doing multiple clothing changes and showering as soon as they come home. 

If you are sanitizing yourself and your stuff, are you a crazed cleaner, or cleaning serenely?  Is it even possible to be in the self-protection mode, but not let it make you crazy?   I say, Yes!   Since I’m sheltering with my mother, I am sanitizing everything that comes into our house.  I think I’d be doing the same thing even if I was by myself – because I want to stay healthy enough to always enjoy my life.
When this process first started, I was full of fear, and I could see my stress about it affecting me physically and mentally.  I knew I had to change my thinking about this change in lifestyle.  I had to find some ease through a process that has continued and may continue for a while.  So now, when I feel myself getting worked up while sanitizing, I take a breath to calm myself.  I remind myself that I am doing a Sacred Task that I have chosen – for my Well-Being and to keep feeling safe.
It is just our fear coming up.  If we observe it from a place of neutrality, we can practice our cleansing rituals as Sacred actions from a place of Calm. 
Centered Action:
When you get wound up, see if you can find a small comforting thought – about any topic – to move your fear out of the way.  Our quality of life is Sacred – even our current quality of life – whatever that may be right now.  We can feel Safe and Serene, despite what is going on in our outer world. 
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