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None of us, including myself, like to hear that people are as they are - not how we wish they would or could be. We all struggle with the fact that no matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to change them or what they do. What we can change is the way we think...

Spirit-Centered Boundaries

It is very common these days to hear people talking about setting boundaries in challenging relationships.  What they are really saying is that someone is not treating them the way they want.  And usually, they are reacting and even abandoning their own wishes to...

Letting Go…of Our Story

Ok, this is going to sound really depressing but this is what I keep hearing from family and friends.  They are “sick and tired of this endless, when is this going to be over pandemic.” There is battle weariness at seeing others’ life tragedies, or experiencing...

Making Space for Something Good

There is a Feng Shui concept.  When you symbolically keep an empty drawer for a guest…you open up space for a new relationship or friendship.  Clear clutter, you open space for more abundance – in all areas of your life.  You are signaling the Universe that you are...

Need a Hug?

My family made a decision to social distance to keep each other safe.  So, no one is hugging…it’s now been 9 months as I’m writing this.    I made that decision when I thought this thing was going to be over in a few weeks.  But the reason for the decision has not yet...

Are You Taking a Pause for Reflection?

A world-wide pandemic is frightening and horribly destructive – and yet it has forced us to stop or slow down.  Most of us have been given more free time and been directed to go inside.  What a spiritual metaphor that is.  And because of these circumstances we are...


Making a mistake – we have given this word so much condemnation power.  I hear myself and many other people say such horrid things to themselves – like “Dummy, how could you be so stupid?”  Even if we are just saying these words to ourselves, when no one else hears...

You May Be Right

Sometimes it is really hard to reasonably see the other person’s point of view, especially when you have positioned yourself to be the right one. Nevertheless, saying “You may be right” can end a heated argument. While it is a technique (that works shockingly well),...

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