Have you ever tried to solve a problem and the solution evaded and frustrated you?  This happens to me all the time.  I may be struggling with a problem and feel like there just isn’t a solution and I might as well give up.  Then I’ll step away from those negative thoughts, and maybe even sleep on it.  I wake up with the thought that there must be another possibility that I just somehow missed.  Then out of nowhere, a terrific idea appears.  The problem that I had been struggling with is finally resolved.  Maybe the solution involved including some outside resource that I hadn’t thought of previously, to assist in the fix.  This is often how seemingly miraculous problem-solving works. 
We are a microcosm of Global Thought.  What works for me in my little world, is also how Global problems are solved.  And my thinking and speaking the thoughts that there must be a yet unseen Solution is part of the Solution.  The truth is that there are hundreds of millions of people around the world working on Solutions. 
Concentrating on solution-oriented thoughts, allows solutions to appear.  It lights us up and lets our creative juices flow.  We are in the Zone for a period of time – aligned with each other for Global Health – Peace – and Financial Well-Being.  I know this may sound lofty or even ridiculous to some, but nevertheless, we are all connected.
What if you spent just 5-minutes every day imagining Solutions for Health and Financial Restoration around the world?  Could you spend 5-minutes seeing with your mind’s eye – like daydreaming – that everyone is healthy and doing well?  It’s not just a trick to feel better mentally about what is going on – although it will do that as well.  It is changing our mindset – our very way of thinking – one person at a time – for all people around the world.  We are practicing the Presence of Divine Well-Being within all of us.  And this can work for all of our life problems.
Do this daily process – then drop the conversation.  If you cannot help yourself from worrying about the “horrors,” take a breath.  See if you can get an uplifted mental state by remembering the Truth – there are always Solutions! 
Centered Action:
Focus on Global Health and Well-Being.  You are changing yourself and making a difference in the world.  These are unbelievably powerful thoughts that spiral our energy up.  In this way, we are energizing other miracle workers who are also focused on solutions.  We are all part of the Global Solution.
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