I hope this will not be offensive to anyone. This topic started out as a joke while on a road trip with my daughter. And being slightly uncool, when I said the phrase, “Man, I’m Bad@$$!” we both had to laugh. But it is totally the Truth. I’m a Powerful Creator, powered by Source, just like you. And, whether I’m creating Good, or stuff I don’t really think I want, I’m Bad@$$ regardless, just like you.

When I make a mistake – Man, I’m Bad@$$! When I create a parking spot – Man, I’m Bad@$$! From the smallest to the largest miracles. From the smallest to the largest errors. How incredible that I create these excellent opportunities to grow and learn some yet unseen lessons. For example, for me, it’s the opportunity to learn the ongoing lesson of how to give myself a break for not being perfect. The Reality is, I am just like the rest of the 7.8 billion people on my planet – perfectly imperfect. My/our imperfections make us at one with our Humanity.

Centered Action:

Including every misstep and choice, and veering off in some weird direction, wherever I find myself today, Man, I’m Bad@$$!

And Man, you are totally Bad@$$!!

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