Sometimes it is really hard to reasonably see the other person’s point of view, especially when you have positioned yourself to be the right one. Nevertheless, saying “You may be right” can end a heated argument. While it is a technique (that works shockingly well), it is also acknowledging a personal truth for each party on opposing sides. Based on their upbringing, way of life, outlook on the world, and their influencers, they have developed and honed their personal truth. From that view of the world, their opinions may be right. If you are on an “opposing” side – you also came to your point of view through lifestyle, upbringing, outlook on the world and your influencers. Our life experiences become the filter that we each view our world. We may be at polar opposite ends of beliefs – but based on our personal experiences – we both may be right. From my view-screen of my world, I may not be able to incorporate your beliefs into mine, but I can allow them to be true for you. And saying “You may be right” allows for peaceful differences, and possibilities for other more important similarities to surface, to help us connect.

Centered Action:

You may be right, and I may be right. Love and Tolerance of each other are important Higher Goals, despite our differing points of view. These will help us find our way through together.

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