A world-wide pandemic is frightening and horribly destructive – and yet it has forced us to stop or slow down.  Most of us have been given more free time and been directed to go inside.  What a spiritual metaphor that is.  And because of these circumstances we are also being forced to give our planet a break from some forms of pollution…so a pause for Mother Earth as well.

I admit, sheltering with my mother, we have been somewhat binge watching multiple, totally inappropriate, Netflix series.  And, there is always a feeling of disappointment and “Really??!!” when you get to the cliffhanger of the last episode…and yet you cannot stop yourself from starting another show.  It’s a shared experience for me, so there is that moment before you sit down where you are tantalized and suspensefully curious – also knowing it is often a total waste of time.  Even though I know these are mindless distractions – I believe they too are very important de-stressors for all of us during this time.  We need to take a mental break from what we see and hear about, in our world.

Then, I try to mix up my diversions with mindful distractions – even if it is just for moments during my days.  It used to be easier and more natural.  Now, I find I have to continually and often remind myself to use just a bit more of my spare time for nurturing and reflection.  This is an unprecedented time for all of us, to take a few PAUSE breaks to check-in with our Sacred Selves. 

Instead of stressing out that we have been ordered to stay distanced, and lost our freedoms – getting on everyone’s last nerve – we can see this as our big chance.  Get Quiet.  Search for and listen to an Internet Guided meditation.  Read an Inspirational book.  Seek the slow movements of Yoga if that speaks to you.  Focus in the early morning, on the Beauty in the Universe – in your garden, or on a walk.  Opportunities to Reclaim Our Calm are still all around us.

Centered Action:

Take a few PAUSE breaks during your day:

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