There is a Feng Shui concept.  When you symbolically keep an empty drawer for a guest…you open up space for a new relationship or friendship.  Clear clutter, you open space for more abundance – in all areas of your life.  You are signaling the Universe that you are ready to welcome in Good.

Perhaps it doesn’t really feel like it while we are again locked down, but there is hope on the horizon.  And the time of pandemic in front of us is likely shorter than the time behind us.  There is a finite period of time remaining. 

This is a great time to challenge ourselves to make space for Good!  You may have been blessed with extra time, and energy, and focus.  You may have been Graced with the ability to funnel that focus into cleaning your garage or dispensing the piles of papers or junk drawers and closets.  My garage still looks exactly the same.  And I while I have cleared and organized a lot, there are still a few piles that I keep schlepping from “in my face” to “got to handle…someday.”  You may be like me and your focus has been somewhat unfocused, and your stuff is still hanging around.  We all have a great opportunity to create the time and intention, to open space for the next round of Goodness.  Letting go of this past year and welcoming the New Year with open space, is a very powerful process. 

The problem is, clearing the outside mess, brings up stuff on the inside…feelings and old ideas.  Clear the inside, and all of a sudden you see the clutter on the outside.  So, it doesn’t really matter where you start.  If I attempt to clear a stack – I have to make decisions and face my fears.   I have to determine, what is important?  What to save, and what to discard?  What is meaningful and supports my life – and what am I holding on to, for sentimental reasons?  I may have kept an item thinking it would be useful but its time has passed.   Or it is just no longer valuable or useful to my life today. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by this seemingly daunting task, make an appointment with yourself for 20 minutes.  Set a timer and when the timer rings, you can be done for the day.  And start with an easy pile or drawer.  The challenge is that every piece you pick up has to find its proper home.  It might be the garbage, it might be donated or sold, it might be repurposed, it might be shared, or it might be displayed as your precious treasure.  And if you just can’t decide, know that you will have to pick up that item again, and go through the same feelings and questions…again.

Centered Action:

You are totally surrounded by Divine Love through this Cleansing.  Clearing away the mess opens up space for Love, Solutions and Creative Ideas…very powerful Goodness to welcome in!

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