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I've been lucky to have a family of origin that loves and supports me - even those who are atheists and agnostics, and those who don’t understand my thinking or agree with all of my viewpoints.  They would be shocked to think that I believe that they too are...

Staying in Your Own Lane

The topic of keeping our attention on our own stuff is important. It's clear that when we don’t it causes us and those we are pestering, difficulties.  In my experience, giving unsolicited advice only causes more riffs in relationships – and yet sometimes I just...

Chocolate or Vanilla – or Jamoca Almond Fudge

We all have our favorite ice cream flavors. It is our taste and personal preference. I might think your tastes are strange, but I don’t try to change your taste buds just like you would not be able to change my taste buds. We like what we like, and it is not good or...

Feelings are not Facts – But We Have to Feel Them

  I don’t know why we are all so embarrassed when it comes to expressing our feelings.  While they sometimes don’t seem to be the nicest parts of us, they are part of our humanity.  I have feeling – you have feelings – so we are just like everyone else.  Whatever...

Remember to Play

My mother recently shared a story from her childhood that I thought was so enlightening, it was worth passing along.  Her parents were immigrants from Eastern Europe making a life in a new country where they didn’t speak the language and struggled to make a living. ...

Mistakes are Our “Ah-hah” Moments

Do you ever catch yourself saying how stupid you were for making a mistake?  We all innocently do it – it’s an automatic response.  You don’t know what you don’t know, until you know it.  Some words have a lot of power to pull us down and that particular “s” word...

Chakra Color Balancing Meditation

Most of the time, we are very busy using our brains which moves our energy up into our heads.  We do not feel grounded to the earth or centered in our bodies.  This very powerful meditation accomplishes both of these.  When that happens, we are able to feel unshakable...

Are Your Lists Running Your Life?

We are a goal and list-oriented society.  If we have it on a list today – we better do it.  I believe that is because it gives us the illusion that we have control – over something.  We make a rule about what has to happen.  Invariably something or someone gets in the...

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