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Pandemic Blues–Step Away from the News

For most of us, we are stuck inside more than we ever have been.  Our human nature is to gather together for support in times of trouble or stress.  The circumstances right now prevent that comfort-seeking.  So, this forced isolation drives our curious tendency to see...

Masquerade – Masks Part 2

​Welcome to the Masquerade Parade.  On the one hand, it is really fascinating to see the variety of designer masks, humorous masks, masks that support charities and masks that make a statement for rights and causes.  And on the other hand, it feels somewhat sad to see...

Being Bad@$$

I hope this will not be offensive to anyone. This topic started out as a joke while on a road trip with my daughter. And being slightly uncool, when I said the phrase, “Man, I’m Bad@$$!” we both had to laugh. But it is totally the Truth. I’m a Powerful Creator,...

Fretting the Past

The past is really an illusion – a trick of our minds.  When we remember something bothersome from our past, we are experiencing the feelings in our present.  To some degree, we allow it to color and define our here and now. It is my experience that I cannot just...

Power of Thoughts for Global Health and Well-Being

Have you ever tried to solve a problem and the solution evaded and frustrated you?  This happens to me all the time.  I may be struggling with a problem and feel like there just isn’t a solution and I might as well give up.  Then I’ll step away from those negative...

Finding Serenity in Protection

This may not apply to all of you, but I have talked to enough people about this topic that I know it is still affecting people.  We are somewhat paralyzed by fear of catching the bug or giving it to a loved one.  So, some of us are going through various rituals to...

Mask or No Mask – That is the Question (Masks Part 1)

There are maskers and anti-maskers.  It’s become this huge topic with so much energy attached.  It’s now a thing to have mask shaming for not wearing a mask, and for wearing a mask.  Who would have thought that mask-shamming would even be part of our vocabulary?  Some...

Falling Victim to Our Limits

“A different man cannot have these problems…they do not belong to him.” Emmet Fox Most of us would never think of ourselves as a victim.  Yet we are all, at times, victims to our limitation thinking.  Without much thought, we may start a statement with: “I...

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